Princess Lily

lilybookcoverPRINCESS LILY

King Henri has decided the time has come to remarry and his chosen bride-to-be is none other than his daughter, the lovely Princess Waterlily!

With the help of her fairy godmother, Fairnight Winter Violet Frost, Lily escapes her father’s mad clutches to a neighboring kingdom where she takes work in the kitchens as a drudge. Her only hope to evade the unnatural marriage permanently is to win the love of Prince Lupin.

“…Princess Lily is beautiful – so beautiful that she has caught her demented father’s amorous attention! To escape an incestuous wedding Lily enlists the help of her fairy godmother, Violet. The complicated plot that Violet puts together sends Lily on a trip beyond the borders of her father’s lands. Masquerading as a servant in the dashing Prince Lupin’s castle, can Lily capture the Prince’s hand in marriage before her father finds her?
Princess Lily is a delightful erotic adventure that adult fairy tale buffs will be thrilled with.” ~ Sensual Romance Reviews

Princess Lily is an erotic tale inspired by the French fairy tale “Donkeyskin” (Peau d’Ane) first published in 1695 by Perreault.

The sequel to Princess Lily is Taming the King.

Taming the King


King Henri of Bavars has a problem. When his wife, Queen Fairlight Summer Willow, died in childbirth, he promised to remarry only a woman who looked just like her. Many years later, Marquisa, a fairy related to his late wife, shows up and demands he keep his promise…by marrying her.Henri’s problem is compounded by his intense feelings for another fairy, Fairlight Winter Violet Frost. Violet has spent the last 18 years raising Henri’s orphan daughter, Princess Water Lily. She has managed to hide her feelings for him, knowing he was in mourning all those years for his lost wife.Now Henri must choose. He must either honor his late wife’s dying wish, or follow his heart, the one leading him to Violet.

Note: Taming the King is the sequel to “Princess Lily”, but can be read alone. Contact me for a copy

Renegade Aquarius


In a land ruled by four kingdoms — earth, air, fire, and water — Aquarius, crown prince to the air kingdom of Enlil, is condemned by his birth to spend his life imprisoned in a cold, gray castle in the clouds with an ancient scepter that some believe is cursed and others believe is blessed.To make things worse, once he becomes king, he is fated to die.But he escapes and finds life, and love, in the arms of Leonie, an acrobat from the land of fire. Air fans flames to a fever pitch, and between Aquarius and Leonie, passion grows.When Aquarius’ identity is discovered and he’s captured, he knows he must face his destiny as King of Enlil and die. Leonie has only her courage and a motley assortment of circus performers to save her lover from his destiny. Magic, passion, betrayal and intrigue all await Leonie in the ice-cold castle of Enlil, and her mission seems doomed to failure. But an Aquarius is always more than he seems, and this prince is no exception.

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The Frog Prince From Planet Marecage

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Once upon a time, in a time not yet come, there lived a beautiful, young princess. The princess, named Shari, lived in a beautiful castle on a beautiful world and had beautiful things and beautiful places to visit.
But Princess Shari’s fondest wishes—to leave her world and do exciting, useful things, and to marry a handsome prince—would never come true. Her father, the king, and his fathers before him, had decreed that no Princess Royal of the House of Teres should see a male before her one hundred and fiftieth birthday!
Poor Shari!
When a game of space chase goes awry, Princess Shari finds herself searching for her beloved golden ball in the vile muck of Planet Marécage. Despondent, she promises a wide-mouthed, primitively dressed frog, that she’ll do anything if it fetches her ball, and the frog, along with her spaceship the SS Marissa and her father, the king, hold her to that promise.
The frog is not what it appears, and that “anything” turns out to be better than lucky Princess Shari ever dreamed…

“…Ms. Winston creates an intriguing and magical world where anything is possible. An exciting and enchanting tale that will make one laugh and sigh with pleasure.”
~Tracey West, Sensual Romance



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Ancient Prophesy engraved on the Snake God’s temple

“…take heed; there is one who can destroy gods and topple kings from their throne.One none can touch—a child born of none.Her father’s death shall set her free, until then, a virgin must she be.She will lose her powers if a child she will bear… Till then, gods and kings, beware.”

The Snake God’s daughter is missing, and Lyo’s kingdom is overrun with enemies. The world teeters on the edge of disaster and only Diamina, a slave girl with a shadowy past, can save it.

Lyo’s and Diamina’s quest takes them from the high seas to the treacherous desert. They travel on foot, by ship, on a camel named Sunshine, and by astral projection. Yet, the most dangerous peril of all is simply making love.

Take one sexy runaway, a giant cobra, a talking cat who can only predict doom—add a healthy dose of magic which is strictly forbidden by the Snake God—and mayhem will result!

“Lyo knows the legend of the Snake God’s daughter and how powerful she is rumored to be, he never thought that she would be right under his nose. Now his home is under attack and the only way he can stay safe is to trust the one woman he wants. Is she really as powerful as everyone thinks she is? And why does her cat talk? In a time of extreme turmoil can Lyo believe in magic?

Diamina works as a servant in Lyo’s household and knows that she will play an important part in his life. He has made his desires known, but Diamina can’t give in to him or herself. In order to keep her powers she must remain a virgin and Lyo is making it a very difficult job. What part will Diamina play in saving not only Lyo, but their world as well?

I liked this story and it is a wonderful adventure into the world of magic and the paranormal. Lyo is the alpha male who is used to having his commands obeyed and sees Diamina as stubborn. Diamina knows that she is there for a purpose, but is not quite sure what it is. For her sake and everyone else’s she has to maintain her strong will and not give in to Lyo. The only problem I have with this book is the fact that the actual sex scene between Lyo and Diamina does not take place until the end of the story. The focus is on the build up of sexual tension, which lasts almost the entire book. A story that will make you believe in magic and possibility, Diamina is a great read for lovers of adventure.”

Overall rating: *****

Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Angel Brewer

The Elf Song Series


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Elf Song: Though he is in great demand at the court, Branagh, the Nutcracker Prince, has sought no mate and found no one to fill his needs.
Melflouise Fairnight, once an archer in the elf militia, now a kitchen maid in the palace of the Sugar Plum Fairy wanted only to catch a glimpse of the secretive Nutcracker Prince. She never dreamed he’d desire her, or that his loving could free the elf song she’d kept caged since her husband’s death.
Their unexpected passion forces Branagh to make a terrible choice, between his kingdom and his woman.
Llewellyn’s Song:
 (This story is a sequel to Elf Song, but can be read independently)
 In the land of Hivernia, the whispers of war have grown louder. At the request of his king and in order to save his people, Llewellyn, a forest elf, goes to the far north seeking Frostbone, the ice-demon king. But on the way he finds a wounded D’ark t’uath, one of the women warriors of the hidden valley. Proud and untamed, these women have no use for men…but Tamara finds herself falling in love with the tall, one-eyed elf who rescues her.Tamara and Llewellyn have to learn acceptance of each other’s beliefs in order to join forces and warn Hivernia of impending war.
Merlin’s Song: 
War! If she hears the word once more, Kyla is going to scream. Not only is she locked up in a stuffy castle far from the glitter and glamour of the fairy court, she has nothing to do all day but perfect her potions. Then Merlin, an elf, arrives on a secret mission to the Southern Isles. Intent on adventure, Kyla stows away on board Merlin’s ship. But before she goes she gives Merlin a dose of her love potion and inadvertently takes some herself. Now she’s madly in love with an insufferable elf, and to top it off she’s putting his whole mission in jeopardy. He has to save Hivernia, but he can’t stop ravishing her!