Taming the King


King Henri of Bavars has a problem. When his wife, Queen Fairlight Summer Willow, died in childbirth, he promised to remarry only a woman who looked just like her. Many years later, Marquisa, a fairy related to his late wife, shows up and demands he keep his promise…by marrying her.Henri’s problem is compounded by his intense feelings for another fairy, Fairlight Winter Violet Frost. Violet has spent the last 18 years raising Henri’s orphan daughter, Princess Water Lily. She has managed to hide her feelings for him, knowing he was in mourning all those years for his lost wife.Now Henri must choose. He must either honor his late wife’s dying wish, or follow his heart, the one leading him to Violet.

Note: Taming the King is the sequel to “Princess Lily”, but can be read alone. Contact me for a copy