Magic Touch

SamanthaWinston_MagicTouch_coverlgDiamina has a dilemma–she has to defeat her father, the evil Snake God. Her powers can undo his spells, but only if she’s a virgin. Disguised as a slave girl to escape her father’s minions who have orders to capture her, she ends up in the palace of Prince Lyo. When enemies attack, she saves Lyo. Together, they vow to find a way to regain his kingdom and defeat the Snake God. Not an easy task–especially with forbidden passion growing between them.

Lyo’s and Diamina’s quest takes them from the high seas to the treacherous desert. They travel on foot, by ship, on a camel named Sunshine, and by astral projection. Yet, the most dangerous peril of all is simply making love.

Take one sexy runaway, a giant cobra, a talking cat who can only predict doom–add a healthy dose of magic which is strictly forbidden by the Snake God–and mayhem will result!

“Lyo knows the legend of the Snake God’s daughter and how powerful she is rumored to be, he never thought that she would be right under his nose. Now his home is under attack and the only way he can stay safe is to trust the one woman he wants. Is she really as powerful as everyone thinks she is? And why does her cat talk? In a time of extreme turmoil can Lyo believe in magic?

Diamina works as a servant in Lyo’s household and knows that she will play an important part in his life. He has made his desires known, but Diamina can’t give in to him or herself. In order to keep her powers she must remain a virgin and Lyo is making it a very difficult job. What part will Diamina play in saving not only Lyo, but their world as well?

I liked this story and it is a wonderful adventure into the world of magic and the paranormal. Lyo is the alpha male who is used to having his commands obeyed and sees Diamina as stubborn. Diamina knows that she is there for a purpose, but is not quite sure what it is. For her sake and everyone else’s she has to maintain her strong will and not give in to Lyo. The only problem I have with this book is the fact that the actual sex scene between Lyo and Diamina does not take place until the end of the story. The focus is on the build up of sexual tension, which lasts almost the entire book. A story that will make you believe in magic and possibility, Diamina is a great read for lovers of adventure.”

Overall rating: *****

Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Angel Brewer


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The Wife School

thewifeschool_smTHE WIFE SCHOOL

Arnold Souche has everything under control. He made a mistake with his first wife, but his second wife will be perfect. So that she doesn’t get any wild ideas, he sends her to an all-girls school in Switzerland to be raised by nuns, and gives her in the dowdiest clothes possible. Amelia is content to go along with Arnold, until the day Ben arrives in her life and suddenly she realizes that nothing can replace passion and love. But if she leaves Arnold, she’ll owe him a quarter of a million dollars, and suddenly true love is looking like something she’ll never attain.

Losing everything you own isn’t so bad when you find more than you’d hoped for in love. When a sharp-minded, bankrupted businessman, and a not-so-prim affianced woman meet, she thinks he’s gay and he lets her in order to seek revenge against her betrothed. It’s a classic star crossed-lovers tale where the couple loses their hearts and hopes of being together when all odds are against them.

The heroine, Amelia, is a contrast between innocence and sultry sexuality as she attempts to use her wiles on men and finds she isn’t very good at it. One minute she’s submissive, the next ready to take on the world of business and career. When she meets the hero, she doesn’t worry about barriers but sets out to get what she wants. The only downside to her in the beginning is giving in to a relationship only because she’s afraid of not having money and someone to care for her.

The hero in this story, Ben, acts as though he’d do anything for revenge, yet when he believes that Amelia will be hurt by his actions, he redeems himself and does his best to help her get what she wants while planning on keeping her for himself. He’s a good man and it shows in his care of her.

As the villain, Amelia’s guardian and fiancé tries to keep her under his thumb until she begins to blossom in a ‘My Fair Lady’ way under Ben’s tutelage. From the start this man is unlikeable and one only hopes he doesn’t succeed, though it seems he holds all the cards.

The Wife School makes you believe that you’ve time-warped back to old England then fast-forwarded once again to the Millennium where Amelia and Ben find true love while Souche gets his just desserts. The heroine was a contradiction between innocence and an experienced woman who, though she had a strong sense of honor about marrying Souche because of the contract, had no concerns about sleeping with his enemy.

All in all, the story was a pleasant read, well-written, and easy and quick to read.”

Reviewed by Ambrosia

“…In The Wife School by Samantha Winston, the heroine Amelia, was groomed from a young age to become the bride of the wealthy Arnold Souche. She faithfully submitted to Arnold’s wishes until Ben entered her life. Ben awakened a desire for more and with his help Amelia’s world changed forever.

This hilarious retelling of the Moilère play is filled with misunderstandings, white lies, and steamy sex. I’m sure the playwright would have loved it as will the reader…”  ~ Reviewed by Rho for The Romance Reviews

Darla’s Valentine


When Darla’s best friend blackmails her into jumping out of a cake, Darla figures she’ll sing a song, wiggle her butt, collect her cash and make a clean getaway. Instead, she tumbles out of the cake and right into sexy Jordan’s arms.From the first awkward grope, her body equates “Jordan” with “orgasm”, and she can tell he feels the same. There’s just one problem…Jordan’s engaged.Poor Darla! All she wants is the perfect man for Valentine’s Day. The perfect single man.

Review quotes for Darla’s Valentine by Samantha Winston

“…an short erotic comedy of errors with DARLA’S VALENTINE. Full of hilarious situations, laced with extremely sensual outcomes, this is one story that won’t disappoint.” ~Miriam,

“…I really enjoyed the description of the sexual activity in the story. Samantha Winston wrote the scenes so vividly that I almost felt like a voyeur peeking in somebody else’s window.”~Natasha, A Romance Review

“…I didn’t know if I was breathless from laughing or from all that heat. …a pleasure to read, with lovable characters in a quaint setting told with a quirky and charming voice, surprising you with some very satisfying moments.”~Kris Alice, Mon-Boudoir

“Darla Rooderville’s life was boring. Until the day her friend Wendy “blackmailed” her into filling in for her — to jump out of a cake at a birthday party. In a very tiny sequined red string bikini. Well, Darla needed more excitement in her life, and this would do it. But she didn’t count on saying “Happy Birthday Dickhead” to Jordan Severn, or accidentally hitting his fiancée when she jumped out of the cake. But then, as Jordan helps Darla out of the cake while his fiancée is yelling hysterically that they should leave, Darla loses her balance and topples onto Jordan. As they fall to the floor, his hands get stuck in her bikini top and his belt gets caught in the bottom. The “untangling process” is a complete fiasco. This along with many other disasters happen every time Darla and Jordan run into one another. But most of all, they are both immensely attracted to each other, and don’t know what to do about it.
This story had me laughing so hard I couldn’t catch my breath! A wonderful blend of sensuality and humor makes this quick (70 pages) book a great read.”
Sexual Content: NC-17.

~Maryellen Kunkel Courtesy Sensual Romance

My Fair Pixie


Coming soon from Loose Id!

What does a five hundred year old, cultured male vampire want? Sebastian Montgomery Chateaufix stares at the mirror and wonders. His reflection eludes him as usual but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that in five hundred years he hasn’t found what eludes him—a soul mate.But that is about to change.He finds himself on The Mating Game after unknowingly sucking up Viagra with his meal. And as Sebastian is about to discover, Viagra + red wine + a Vampire = completely stoned. But that doesn’t matter. He’s met the pixie of his dreams! Pixies, as everyone knows, are the trailer trash of the supernatural world. Vampires are the aristocrats. So when Jessica finds herself in front of her chosen one—a vampire who obviously lost some stupid bet—she has only one choice, to deck him. And she does. It’s love at first bite. But in order to live happily ever after, Sebastian has to pass Jessica off as an aristocrat to Queen Mabb and the fairy court at summer solstice. Jessica’s education is about to begin.That is, if she can get the bubblegum out of her bleached blonde beehive hairdo.

“Silly, but enjoyable since the author can actually write! The storyline is pretty far-fetched, but then this is a story about a Vampire falling for a Pixie. And who knew, Pixies are the trailer trash of the folk-lore world, wow. Hidden in the silliness the author touched on some pretty intense feminist issues (beauty; assumptions on looks vs brains; who you are based on where you come from) but couched in terms that don’t make these ideas a battle cry. I would recommend this author and even this book if you’re looking for a short, laugh-out-loud, silly interlude to while away your time.” Amazon review

Mrs Giggles review:

“…I have to hand it to author Samantha Winston – My Fair Pixie is splendorous laugh-a-minute affair that is so naughty all over the place and so unexpectedly tender at other places. This is simply fabulous fun from start to finish. Love it, love it, love it!”

The Phallus from Dallas

The Phallus from Dallas

To be announced!

Mitch is a bronco buster with a huge hang-up, er, hard-on. He’s hung like Paul Bunyan and hasn’t found a filly yet who can take him all the way.Country girl Hannah Hunt’s one-track mind is wrapped around pro bull rider Mitch Winston and his massive love muscle. And that’s not all she’d like to wrap around him. Last year’s plan to get close to him was a total—though hot n’ steamy!—bust. But this year she had the perfect plan to prove she’s the only woman who could handle Mitch…every delicious inch of him.

“Hannah Hunt from Houston drives all the way to the rodeo to see the infamous “Phallus from Dallas”. Hannah is hell bent on having this hunky cowpoke for supper! Hannah has lusted for, and missed out on a shot at the well endowed Mitch Winston for the last time. Hannah is one determined filly, and she just might get what she’s wishing for. Can Hannah handle the legendary Phallus from Dallas in all of his awesome glory? Will she successfully hogtie him and make him hers?

Mitch Winston, rodeo rider extraordinaire and cowboy, has been branded for life. He has a tattoo just above his legendary phallus, forever announcing his well endowed status. You know how it is – a moment of sheer insanity a drink or two and wham – you’ve got the tattoo of a lifetime! Poor, poor Mitch, he just can’t seem to find a cowgirl who doesn’t hit the floor running when she sees his most prized treasure! When he meets Hannah Hunt he thinks this just might be the gal of his dreams. Will he frighten Hannah away with his over sized cattle prod?

Well pardners if you take this in the vein with which it was written, tongue and cheek; you’ll have a fine time. Heavy on the cowboy euphemisms and light on sincerity is the romp these two lustfully driven folk share. Raunchy and raucous are the words that come to mind, with the larger than life Mitch and the cowboy rustling Hannah.

Hannah and Mitch are definitely meant to be corralled together. This story is all about the sex (I raise my reviewer’s right hand and swear upon that statement solemnly!) and that’s fine, I like a story that makes no bones about its content.

Get along little doggie if you hope to catch this tale of lust in the rodeo dust! Ride em’ cowboy is The Phallus from Dallas.”

Reviewed by Connnie from A Romance Review

Battle’s Bride

  • SW_BattlesBride_coversmBATTLE’S BRIDE
  • Length:Fling
  • ISBN:1-59632-098-2
  • Genre:Time Travel, Fantasy & Paranormal

Kay goes to Scotland after just one thing — a hot Scottish man, preferably in a kilt. She doesn’t count on finding her dream man three hundred years in the past. Battle is the Lord of the manor, a man who takes his duties to his village and castle seriously. Then he meets a woman from the future and suddenly his world is tipped upside-down. What starts out as a plot to save his castle turns into a disaster.  Kay warns him that his clan is doomed, and the only way to save them all is to strike out across the sea for the New World. But facing a feisty woman from the future and a far-off foreign land is nothing compared to the problems of a curse, a witch, and a nervous groom.


“There’s no place like home,” whimpered the woman in his arms.

“Aye, that’s the truth,” Battled agreed. She looked pale, and her lips had started to turn blue with cold. He sighed and hugged her closer. “We’re almost home. Only another hour.”

Her eyes flew open. Green and brown, and as clear as water running over mossy stones. And terrified.

“There now, don’t go having hysterics again. I’ll get you home soon, and you’ll tell me how you came to be in Maevis’s place on the bonfire.” As he spoke, he wrapped his heavy woollen blanket around them both. The thick, boiled wool was nearly waterproof, and soon the combined warmth of their bodies stopped her shivering.

He pulled the wool a little higher, so that her head was covered, and turned his horse toward home. His horse knew the way and picked up its pace, breaking into a ground-eating canter.

“I never rode a horse before,” said the woman. She sounded a bit odd.

“Are you all right?” Battle looked down at her.

She blinked. “Fine, thank you. This is the most amazing dream I’ve ever had. I don’t think I’ve ever thought of being tied to a bonfire or wrapped in a woolen tent before.”

“Aye, well, why don’t you try to rest a bit? Close your eyes and go to sleep.” Battle hitched her up a bit more, as she’d started to slide off his lap. She didn’t weigh much, and he was strong enough to carry her all the way home. He’d done this before with a heifer with a broken leg, and it was far easier carrying a soft, agreeably scented woman. Her perfume, a light fragrance that reminded him of spring flowers, tickled his nose.

“I must be in a very deep coma,” came her voice again. “And if I’m dreaming, it’s all right to say that you’re a very handsome guy.”

“The name’s Battle, not Guy,” said Battle. He shifted again. Her scent and the feel of her warmth and soft curves made his cock stiffen. In their position, it pressed right up against her buttocks. He tried not to think about that. He tried to think of things that would make his unruly cock calm down. He’d always been proud of the fact he didn’t masturbate and could control himself. The priests had scared him with tales of blindness, and since he was in charge of his castle and outlying village, he couldn’t risk going blind. He never touched his cock. He controlled it with his mind. Let’s see… what could he think of? Usually thinking of the priest did it, but this time, the priest kept turning into the pretty lass on his lap. He closed his eyes and tried to imagine something repulsive.

“You know, you have a hard-on,” the woman continued with a little giggle. The giggle made his cock even stiffer.

“A hard-on? What’s that?” Battle asked, opening his eyes and looking at her. Big mistake.

She twisted her head around and stared at him with her clear, mossy-green eyes. Her pink lips curled in a saucy smile. “You don’t know? Well, that does it. I’m dreaming. The hunkiest male I’ve seen in ages puts me on his lap and carries me away on his white horse.” She nodded. “It is a white horse. You are the handsome prince on a white horse with a humungous hard-on.” She giggled again. “I mean you have a hard-on, not your horse.” She moved, pressing more of her anatomy firmly against his cock. “Hmmm. That feels good. I wonder if I can get my underwear off?” She reached down, and before he could figure out what she was up to, she wriggled her hips and lifted her dress up to her waist.

“What are you doing?” Battle hadn’t fallen off his horse since he was a lad. But if she kept up her antics, he was going to take a tumble. Already he was having trouble keeping his breathing normal, and he’d lost most of the feeling in his legs and arms; all he could feel was her hands gripping his cock right through his kilt. His cock was now the center of his universe. He felt a wave of blistering heat wash over him, and he had to gasp for breath. “Stop that!” He tried to let go of the reins to pull her hands away, but for some reason, his brain refused to listen.

“Skittish, aren’t you?” she said. “Let’s see. I’ve heard that men don’t wear anything under their kilts. Is that true?” She found the fold of cloth that closed his kilt and pulled it back. “It’s true; it’s true!” she cried, and burst out laughing. “Oh, my. This is a wonderful dream.”

Copyright © Samantha Winston