Time Tracker


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Frozen then awakened after a thousand years—Kell is unprepared for modern life. Allie is only supposed to help him adjust. But some things, like falling in love, never change. 

The attraction between them is sudden and strong. Then Allie discovers what the army really wants to do with Kell, and suddenly time is running out. In the middle of the Arctic Circle, surrounded by hundreds of miles of snow and ice, it’s now up to Kell to use his skills of survival to save them both, and to acknowledge the love growing between them.

Tracker and bounty hunter Bruce Steele is hired to find Kell and Allie. He’s never failed. But this time, fate plays a vicious trick on him, and after an accident, he awakens in the far future on a space station with two slight problems—a raging hard-on and an android with nuclear sex-appeal. But the bigger problems—there’s no need for a tracker on a space station, and the android he’s come to love is slated for demolition. But no problem is too big for Steele. Determined to carve a place for himself in the ultra-technical world of the future, he’s decided to save his adorable, pedantic android…and find a place for both of them in a world he doesn’t understand.

Note: This book has previously been released elsewhere. It has been revised and re-edited for re-release with Totally Bound Publishing.

General Release Date: 11th April 2017

Tiger Gold

TIGER GOLD – Contact me for a copy 

“…In the outer reaches of the Crab Nebula, in a godforsaken corner of the sprawling Milky Way galaxy, lies Asteroid 6969, depleted of its resources. Those who can afford to leave have gone. The town has become a den of iniquity—law and order have vanished. Travelers are advised caution when entering the area. The Federation has removed Asteroid 6969 from its jurisdiction. Anything that happens there is your own problem…

– From The Revised Galactic Dictionary, section fifteen “Asteroids”, appendix A.

As soon as Captain Lance Rocket arrives on Asteroid 6969, he knows he’s going to have problems. Not because of the bath in the bordello, but because of an auction. A young woman had been auctioned off to the highest bidder. The winner, some sadist pirate, is torturing her on the other side of the wall. What can a space captain do? He gets out of the tub and, stark naked except for his stun-gun, breaks the door down. And sees Heidi handcuffed to the bed. She’s naked. She’s got huge gray eyes, red-gold hair, and a body to damn a saint. Now he’s really in trouble…


Paradise Earth (Box Set) by Samantha WinstonPARADISE EARTH

Genre: science fictionm/m – gay romance

Planet Earth is failing. Global warfare and asteroid bombardment have left the planet devastated… perhaps beyond repair. Now a small group of terra-formers have just seven years to rebuild Earth’s ecosystems. Failure means exclusion from the Federation; without the Federation’s assistance Earth is condemned to death.

Adam, an Earth biologist, and Evan, a scientist from the Mars Colony, find it impossible to resist the passion that draws them together despite prejudices and mutual mistrust. When a new asteroid strike leaves them stranded — with Earth’s hope for the future resting on their shoulders –- they find themselves fighting for their lives and the life of an entire planet.

A science fiction thriller and a tender love story, Paradise Earth is an epic story of apocalypse and rebirth.

“Watch how Evan and Adam find a way to overcome the odds in love and in the overwhelming devastation to create life, friendship, honor, and love. Thanks go to Ms. Winston for writing such an inspiring book.”

— Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

“We see every conceivable emotion here – lust, sorrow, passion, joy, and so much more. Ms. Winston takes readers on a journey of fantasy into the wilds of imagination.”

— Michelle, Fallen Angel Reviews
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Gladys Hawke

Gladys Hawke – Coming soon from Loose-Id!

Gladys Hawke is the toughest woman in the galaxy. Former notorious smuggler, still wanted on dozens of planets, she’s now the ace pilot of the largest Federation trade ship, the Ever-Gee. She’s put her past behind her…except for the nightmares…and the holes in her memory. But the past has a way of catching up with you… Tagor the Pirate is wanted in twenty solar systems. He’s known for smuggling, insouciant quips, and his harem of slave women. It’s all an act. Eisonian empath, Admiral Tagor is actually a Federation spy on a mission to save the galaxy, and Gladys Hawke is his best hope. If Tagor saves Gladys from her past, can she save Tagor from their powerful, passionate attraction and the deadly danger of their soulmate bond?

Review quotes for Gladys Hawke

“Five Stars! “…With its elements of suspense and action/adventure, wonderful love story, and engaging secondary characters, this book will appeal to erotic romance lovers of any genre.” ~Mireya Orsini, Just Erotic Romance Review Newsletter

“…a gritty sci-fi adventure. …a tender love story at the heart of it. …Not for the faint of heart, there are rapes that occur in the book, both off-screen and on-screen. Rest assured that the perpetrators do not escape unscathed. Fans of science fiction adventures will definitely want to read this one.” ~Denise Powers, Sensual Romance

“Gladys Hawke is one of the toughest women in the galaxy. She’s a former smuggler and now pilots the largest Federation trade ship. Gladys may have gone straight, but she is still wanted on several worlds. She didn’t expect to be kidnapped by a creepy little lizard and sold to the highest bidder in the worst place in the galaxy. She also didn’t expect to be bought by Tagor the Pirate, notorious smuggler and harem keeper.

Captain Tagor is well known throughout the galaxy for his harem of slaves and well wanted for his smuggling and other nefarious deeds. His reputation is all an act, thought, and he’s a Federation spy and out to save the galaxy. But he needs Gladys to accomplish this and Gladys isn’t about to help a man who keeps a harem and bought her from a slave auction.

Both Gladys and Tagor have issues from their pasts that need to be overcome in order for them to succeed in saving the galaxy from a dire threat. A horror from Gladys’ past is going to come back to haunt her and she needs Tagor and his empathic abilities in order to deal with it. But Gladys isn’t used to trusting anyone other than her best friend Cha’ng. Tagor has a lot of work ahead of him helping her while trying to control his feelings for her.

Gladys Hawke was a great read that grabbed my attention from the first paragraph and didn’t let go until the end. The heat between Gladys and Tagor is scorching as is a certain scene involving Cha’ng and the “harem”. The universe that Samantha Winston created left me wanted more stories set in it. Even her secondary characters were interesting and she left just enough to the imagination to have you wanting more. Gladys Hawke is an exciting futuristic read and I hope Ms. Winston creates more stories set in this universe.”~Nicole Hulst, The Romance Studio

The Frog Prince From Planet Marecage

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Once upon a time, in a time not yet come, there lived a beautiful, young princess. The princess, named Shari, lived in a beautiful castle on a beautiful world and had beautiful things and beautiful places to visit.
But Princess Shari’s fondest wishes—to leave her world and do exciting, useful things, and to marry a handsome prince—would never come true. Her father, the king, and his fathers before him, had decreed that no Princess Royal of the House of Teres should see a male before her one hundred and fiftieth birthday!
Poor Shari!
When a game of space chase goes awry, Princess Shari finds herself searching for her beloved golden ball in the vile muck of Planet Marécage. Despondent, she promises a wide-mouthed, primitively dressed frog, that she’ll do anything if it fetches her ball, and the frog, along with her spaceship the SS Marissa and her father, the king, hold her to that promise.
The frog is not what it appears, and that “anything” turns out to be better than lucky Princess Shari ever dreamed…

“…Ms. Winston creates an intriguing and magical world where anything is possible. An exciting and enchanting tale that will make one laugh and sigh with pleasure.”
~Tracey West, Sensual Romance