Magic Touch

SamanthaWinston_MagicTouch_coverlgDiamina has a dilemma–she has to defeat her father, the evil Snake God. Her powers can undo his spells, but only if she’s a virgin. Disguised as a slave girl to escape her father’s minions who have orders to capture her, she ends up in the palace of Prince Lyo. When enemies attack, she saves Lyo. Together, they vow to find a way to regain his kingdom and defeat the Snake God. Not an easy task–especially with forbidden passion growing between them.

Lyo’s and Diamina’s quest takes them from the high seas to the treacherous desert. They travel on foot, by ship, on a camel named Sunshine, and by astral projection. Yet, the most dangerous peril of all is simply making love.

Take one sexy runaway, a giant cobra, a talking cat who can only predict doom–add a healthy dose of magic which is strictly forbidden by the Snake God–and mayhem will result!

“Lyo knows the legend of the Snake God’s daughter and how powerful she is rumored to be, he never thought that she would be right under his nose. Now his home is under attack and the only way he can stay safe is to trust the one woman he wants. Is she really as powerful as everyone thinks she is? And why does her cat talk? In a time of extreme turmoil can Lyo believe in magic?

Diamina works as a servant in Lyo’s household and knows that she will play an important part in his life. He has made his desires known, but Diamina can’t give in to him or herself. In order to keep her powers she must remain a virgin and Lyo is making it a very difficult job. What part will Diamina play in saving not only Lyo, but their world as well?

I liked this story and it is a wonderful adventure into the world of magic and the paranormal. Lyo is the alpha male who is used to having his commands obeyed and sees Diamina as stubborn. Diamina knows that she is there for a purpose, but is not quite sure what it is. For her sake and everyone else’s she has to maintain her strong will and not give in to Lyo. The only problem I have with this book is the fact that the actual sex scene between Lyo and Diamina does not take place until the end of the story. The focus is on the build up of sexual tension, which lasts almost the entire book. A story that will make you believe in magic and possibility, Diamina is a great read for lovers of adventure.”

Overall rating: *****

Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Angel Brewer


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Paradise Earth (Box Set) by Samantha WinstonPARADISE EARTH

Genre: science fictionm/m – gay romance

Planet Earth is failing. Global warfare and asteroid bombardment have left the planet devastated… perhaps beyond repair. Now a small group of terra-formers have just seven years to rebuild Earth’s ecosystems. Failure means exclusion from the Federation; without the Federation’s assistance Earth is condemned to death.

Adam, an Earth biologist, and Evan, a scientist from the Mars Colony, find it impossible to resist the passion that draws them together despite prejudices and mutual mistrust. When a new asteroid strike leaves them stranded — with Earth’s hope for the future resting on their shoulders –- they find themselves fighting for their lives and the life of an entire planet.

A science fiction thriller and a tender love story, Paradise Earth is an epic story of apocalypse and rebirth.

“Watch how Evan and Adam find a way to overcome the odds in love and in the overwhelming devastation to create life, friendship, honor, and love. Thanks go to Ms. Winston for writing such an inspiring book.”

— Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

“We see every conceivable emotion here – lust, sorrow, passion, joy, and so much more. Ms. Winston takes readers on a journey of fantasy into the wilds of imagination.”

— Michelle, Fallen Angel Reviews
 “Paradise Earth (Box Set)” is also available through All Romance eBooks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Coffee Time Romance, and Kobo!


The Frog Prince From Planet Marecage

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Once upon a time, in a time not yet come, there lived a beautiful, young princess. The princess, named Shari, lived in a beautiful castle on a beautiful world and had beautiful things and beautiful places to visit.
But Princess Shari’s fondest wishes—to leave her world and do exciting, useful things, and to marry a handsome prince—would never come true. Her father, the king, and his fathers before him, had decreed that no Princess Royal of the House of Teres should see a male before her one hundred and fiftieth birthday!
Poor Shari!
When a game of space chase goes awry, Princess Shari finds herself searching for her beloved golden ball in the vile muck of Planet Marécage. Despondent, she promises a wide-mouthed, primitively dressed frog, that she’ll do anything if it fetches her ball, and the frog, along with her spaceship the SS Marissa and her father, the king, hold her to that promise.
The frog is not what it appears, and that “anything” turns out to be better than lucky Princess Shari ever dreamed…

“…Ms. Winston creates an intriguing and magical world where anything is possible. An exciting and enchanting tale that will make one laugh and sigh with pleasure.”
~Tracey West, Sensual Romance