The Frog Prince From Planet Marecage

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Once upon a time, in a time not yet come, there lived a beautiful, young princess. The princess, named Shari, lived in a beautiful castle on a beautiful world and had beautiful things and beautiful places to visit.
But Princess Shari’s fondest wishes—to leave her world and do exciting, useful things, and to marry a handsome prince—would never come true. Her father, the king, and his fathers before him, had decreed that no Princess Royal of the House of Teres should see a male before her one hundred and fiftieth birthday!
Poor Shari!
When a game of space chase goes awry, Princess Shari finds herself searching for her beloved golden ball in the vile muck of Planet Marécage. Despondent, she promises a wide-mouthed, primitively dressed frog, that she’ll do anything if it fetches her ball, and the frog, along with her spaceship the SS Marissa and her father, the king, hold her to that promise.
The frog is not what it appears, and that “anything” turns out to be better than lucky Princess Shari ever dreamed…

“…Ms. Winston creates an intriguing and magical world where anything is possible. An exciting and enchanting tale that will make one laugh and sigh with pleasure.”
~Tracey West, Sensual Romance