Princess Lily

lilybookcoverPRINCESS LILY

King Henri has decided the time has come to remarry and his chosen bride-to-be is none other than his daughter, the lovely Princess Waterlily!

With the help of her fairy godmother, Fairnight Winter Violet Frost, Lily escapes her father’s mad clutches to a neighboring kingdom where she takes work in the kitchens as a drudge. Her only hope to evade the unnatural marriage permanently is to win the love of Prince Lupin.

“…Princess Lily is beautiful – so beautiful that she has caught her demented father’s amorous attention! To escape an incestuous wedding Lily enlists the help of her fairy godmother, Violet. The complicated plot that Violet puts together sends Lily on a trip beyond the borders of her father’s lands. Masquerading as a servant in the dashing Prince Lupin’s castle, can Lily capture the Prince’s hand in marriage before her father finds her?
Princess Lily is a delightful erotic adventure that adult fairy tale buffs will be thrilled with.” ~ Sensual Romance Reviews

Princess Lily is an erotic tale inspired by the French fairy tale “Donkeyskin” (Peau d’Ane) first published in 1695 by Perreault.

The sequel to Princess Lily is Taming the King.