Renegade Aquarius


In a land ruled by four kingdoms — earth, air, fire, and water — Aquarius, crown prince to the air kingdom of Enlil, is condemned by his birth to spend his life imprisoned in a cold, gray castle in the clouds with an ancient scepter that some believe is cursed and others believe is blessed.To make things worse, once he becomes king, he is fated to die.But he escapes and finds life, and love, in the arms of Leonie, an acrobat from the land of fire. Air fans flames to a fever pitch, and between Aquarius and Leonie, passion grows.When Aquarius’ identity is discovered and he’s captured, he knows he must face his destiny as King of Enlil and die. Leonie has only her courage and a motley assortment of circus performers to save her lover from his destiny. Magic, passion, betrayal and intrigue all await Leonie in the ice-cold castle of Enlil, and her mission seems doomed to failure. But an Aquarius is always more than he seems, and this prince is no exception.

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