Paradise Earth (Box Set) by Samantha WinstonPARADISE EARTH

Genre: science fictionm/m – gay romance

Planet Earth is failing. Global warfare and asteroid bombardment have left the planet devastated… perhaps beyond repair. Now a small group of terra-formers have just seven years to rebuild Earth’s ecosystems. Failure means exclusion from the Federation; without the Federation’s assistance Earth is condemned to death.

Adam, an Earth biologist, and Evan, a scientist from the Mars Colony, find it impossible to resist the passion that draws them together despite prejudices and mutual mistrust. When a new asteroid strike leaves them stranded — with Earth’s hope for the future resting on their shoulders –- they find themselves fighting for their lives and the life of an entire planet.

A science fiction thriller and a tender love story, Paradise Earth is an epic story of apocalypse and rebirth.

“Watch how Evan and Adam find a way to overcome the odds in love and in the overwhelming devastation to create life, friendship, honor, and love. Thanks go to Ms. Winston for writing such an inspiring book.”

— Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

“We see every conceivable emotion here – lust, sorrow, passion, joy, and so much more. Ms. Winston takes readers on a journey of fantasy into the wilds of imagination.”

— Michelle, Fallen Angel Reviews
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