The Phallus from Dallas

The Phallus from Dallas

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Mitch is a bronco buster with a huge hang-up, er, hard-on. He’s hung like Paul Bunyan and hasn’t found a filly yet who can take him all the way.Country girl Hannah Hunt’s one-track mind is wrapped around pro bull rider Mitch Winston and his massive love muscle. And that’s not all she’d like to wrap around him. Last year’s plan to get close to him was a total—though hot n’ steamy!—bust. But this year she had the perfect plan to prove she’s the only woman who could handle Mitch…every delicious inch of him.

“Hannah Hunt from Houston drives all the way to the rodeo to see the infamous “Phallus from Dallas”. Hannah is hell bent on having this hunky cowpoke for supper! Hannah has lusted for, and missed out on a shot at the well endowed Mitch Winston for the last time. Hannah is one determined filly, and she just might get what she’s wishing for. Can Hannah handle the legendary Phallus from Dallas in all of his awesome glory? Will she successfully hogtie him and make him hers?

Mitch Winston, rodeo rider extraordinaire and cowboy, has been branded for life. He has a tattoo just above his legendary phallus, forever announcing his well endowed status. You know how it is – a moment of sheer insanity a drink or two and wham – you’ve got the tattoo of a lifetime! Poor, poor Mitch, he just can’t seem to find a cowgirl who doesn’t hit the floor running when she sees his most prized treasure! When he meets Hannah Hunt he thinks this just might be the gal of his dreams. Will he frighten Hannah away with his over sized cattle prod?

Well pardners if you take this in the vein with which it was written, tongue and cheek; you’ll have a fine time. Heavy on the cowboy euphemisms and light on sincerity is the romp these two lustfully driven folk share. Raunchy and raucous are the words that come to mind, with the larger than life Mitch and the cowboy rustling Hannah.

Hannah and Mitch are definitely meant to be corralled together. This story is all about the sex (I raise my reviewer’s right hand and swear upon that statement solemnly!) and that’s fine, I like a story that makes no bones about its content.

Get along little doggie if you hope to catch this tale of lust in the rodeo dust! Ride em’ cowboy is The Phallus from Dallas.”

Reviewed by Connnie from A Romance Review