Darla’s Valentine


When Darla’s best friend blackmails her into jumping out of a cake, Darla figures she’ll sing a song, wiggle her butt, collect her cash and make a clean getaway. Instead, she tumbles out of the cake and right into sexy Jordan’s arms.From the first awkward grope, her body equates “Jordan” with “orgasm”, and she can tell he feels the same. There’s just one problem…Jordan’s engaged.Poor Darla! All she wants is the perfect man for Valentine’s Day. The perfect single man.

Review quotes for Darla’s Valentine by Samantha Winston

“…an short erotic comedy of errors with DARLA’S VALENTINE. Full of hilarious situations, laced with extremely sensual outcomes, this is one story that won’t disappoint.” ~Miriam, Loveromances.com

“…I really enjoyed the description of the sexual activity in the story. Samantha Winston wrote the scenes so vividly that I almost felt like a voyeur peeking in somebody else’s window.”~Natasha, A Romance Review

“…I didn’t know if I was breathless from laughing or from all that heat. …a pleasure to read, with lovable characters in a quaint setting told with a quirky and charming voice, surprising you with some very satisfying moments.”~Kris Alice, Mon-Boudoir

“Darla Rooderville’s life was boring. Until the day her friend Wendy “blackmailed” her into filling in for her — to jump out of a cake at a birthday party. In a very tiny sequined red string bikini. Well, Darla needed more excitement in her life, and this would do it. But she didn’t count on saying “Happy Birthday Dickhead” to Jordan Severn, or accidentally hitting his fiancée when she jumped out of the cake. But then, as Jordan helps Darla out of the cake while his fiancée is yelling hysterically that they should leave, Darla loses her balance and topples onto Jordan. As they fall to the floor, his hands get stuck in her bikini top and his belt gets caught in the bottom. The “untangling process” is a complete fiasco. This along with many other disasters happen every time Darla and Jordan run into one another. But most of all, they are both immensely attracted to each other, and don’t know what to do about it.
This story had me laughing so hard I couldn’t catch my breath! A wonderful blend of sensuality and humor makes this quick (70 pages) book a great read.”
Sexual Content: NC-17.

~Maryellen Kunkel Courtesy Sensual Romance