M/M & Shifter

Like most of my books, this one started as a short story, and then just didn’t stop. The characters took it and ran. It started as an apocalyptical short about Earth after an all-out nuclear war plus asteroid hit. My character was Even, a man from Mars. A man, but not human. He was a shifter. He’d come to Earth to help rebuild it from the ashes. He was a scientist. Alone. Aloof. He didn’t want to integrate or socialize with the few humans who were left – they’d nearly destroyed their planet, in his mind, they pretty much deserved what they got. Enter Adam. An earthling – yes – but the attraction between my two characters was so sudden, so unexpected, it not only surprised me, but, like a hard gust of wind in a sail, it turned the story around and suddenly it was a love story set on a dying planet, between Adam, one of the last humans, and Even – alien and unique.

I’d never written m/m stories, so before starting off, I read. I read some amazing books told from the gay viewpoint. Some coming of age stories, so raunchy sexsexsex stories, some bi-sexual tales as well. I wasn’t sure, as a straight woman, I could pull off a love story between two men and have it ring true. Well, one man was an alien, but still…out of respect for gay literature, I didn’t want to write anything that would be insulting or hurtful. It’s not far from writing for children – you have a certain age, so you have to watch what you write. Or writing a religious romance – but the more I wrote, the more religion crept into the book, so that now I had a gay romance with definite religious undertones. Creation, the Apocalypse, Adam and Even – the ingredients were all there, and the story practically wrote itself.

I will say that it is one of my favorite stories. Because of its complexity, the different characters, the fiction woven with science fiction and mythology – in essence, I put in everything I truly love into this work .

Paradise Earth, by Samantha Winston