Time Storm

Ian’s loss at sea left Heather shattered. Now she’s come to say goodbye. But her love defies time, and a sudden storm transports her to 1770…and Ian.

“When Ian was lost at sea, it left Heather heart-broken because not only was he her childhood hero, but he was her one true love. Mourning for ten years brings her to the place where Ian was last staying at before a storm sweeps him off to sea. Her hopes are to find peace for her heart and put the past behind her. Finding herself caught up within a freak storm at sea brings her to the year 1770, and into the arms of the man that owns her heart. Love knows no time and time seems to know when two hearts are meant to be. Caught in a distant past with their future uncertain, Ian and Heather must find a way to cross time together or forever be lost to the time storm.

Samantha Winston has penned a beautiful romance that touches the heart of the reader with this story that crosses the barriers of time. Aptly named, Time Storm unleashes the passion between our main characters, all the while time barriers are broken to create an exciting read. Ms. Winston brings the heart of her characters to the reader and fills you with stormy emotions and a satisfying read. Enjoy!”

~ Reviewed by Susan for Goodreads.