Le Mystère


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Luke meets a ghost from his past and falls in love with her. Jesse just wants to live again…to share the passion she’s found with Luke. But evil stalks the star-crossed lovers. A past murder is uncovered, and Luke has to face his worst nightmare in order to save the woman he’s come to love.

“Luke Braquesmar avoids any relationship with women after a past traumatic experience. But when he meets Jesse Dubois, he feels an uncontrollable attraction towards her. The problem is that she was murdered 25 years ago and is now a ghost. She comes back, choosing him to help her finally right the past. However, someone does not want them to succeed, and this person would do anything to stop them, even commit another murder. Luke has to figure out who this person is and how to keep Jesse with him because she is the only one for him.

“Le Mystere” is an entertaining read. The concept of sex (a lot of it) as a way of keeping a ghost corporeal is pretty creative.”

~Review by Cece for Bitten by Books